Sheffield Pike

Sheffield Pike Walk

Part of the view from Heron Pike (Sheffield Pike)


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Recommended Map:  Explorer OL5


Difficulty Rating: 

70% Complete (warning)


Danger Rating: 

60% Complete (warning)
Time to complete: Under 3 hours

Distance: About 7km (4.5 miles)

Car Parking/Walk Start: 

Glencoyne Car Park, Ullswater.

Overview of Walk:

Steep uphill walking is rewarded with utterly superb views of the whole of Ullswater.  Sheffield Pike is at a height of 675m and is one of the best walks you can do which is under three hours.

Danger note:  Avoid doing this walk in mist (unpleasant drops).

Ullswater en route to Seldom Seen, Lake District


None en route, but plenty to choose from in Glenridding and Patterdale.

Wheelchair and Push Chair Suitability: 

Not suitable.

Public Transport: 

Bus service 108 stops at Glencoyne Car Park.


Walk Description:

A white "Black Crag" in the distanceFrom the Glencoyne Car Park, walk briefly along the main road towards Glenridding.  After crossing the bridge over Glencoyne Bridge, there is an opportunity on the left to leave the main road.

The footpath alongside Ullswater soon heads up again towards the main road.  Cross over the main road and follow the public footpath sign: “Seldom Seen; Glencoyne”, heading up on the middle track of three (the other two are private residences) through the trees.

After a cattle grid, the track starts to gently ascend with views of Ullswater opening up on your right.  After a while you approach the terraced cottages known as Seldom Seen.  Just before the cottages you need to pick up the narrow footpath on your left heading uphill with the stone wall on your right.

Map of Sheffield Pike, Ullswater, Lake District

Heron Pike, near Glenridding, Lake DistrictJust after a stile take a hard left, keeping close to a stone wall (in disrepair) and fence, both of which are on your left.  To the right side of you is the awesome view of Black Crag, with trees growing out of the rocks.

Keep following the wall on your left.  The trees eventually end and the path levels off.  Almost immediately after which you pick up another footpath on the right heading up towards the impressive turrets of Heron Pike.

Keep on the faint path and after passing a load of boulders on your right head up to the right towards the ridge path (with the boulders on your right).  The views of Ullswater behind you are wonderful.

Once on the ridge path you are rewarded with superb views to the Helvellyn range and Glenridding.  Once on the ridge you join a more distinct path: basically, keep heading uphill.  The path splits: take the one on the right and head for the cairn and post on Heron Pike.  This is the highlight of the walk because the views here are amongst the best in the whole of the Lake District.  The whole of Ullswater is in view from Pooley Bridge to Glenridding – fantastic!

Part of the view from Heron Pike, Lake District

You can see the summit cairn of Sheffield Pike in a north westerly direction, which you get to by passing numerous tarns over boggy ground.

Descend from the summit in a westerly direction, passing further tarns, towards Nick Head.  Watch out for an iron post, shortly after the path heads down to a dip.  Take the well defined gravel path on the right from the dip.  The only sound you’ll hear is that from beck below.

Go through the gate in the stone wall and follow the high stone wall on your left.  Just before returning to Glencoyne Wood (where you came up from) take the farm gate on your left and head towards the cottages of Seldom Seen.  Walk around to the left of the terraced cottages and single detached cottage and follow the boggy path with Glencoyne Beck to the left of you.

At the farm, head through footpath gates through the farm garden area and on to the farm drive back towards the main road and car park.

Place Fell seen from Glencoyne area

Points of Interest: For a couple of hundred years, until the sixties, both lead and silver were mined from the Glenridding side of Sheffield Pike.  The Youth Hostel is in a converted former mine building.  This walk by-passes the former industrial area.

Glencoyne Farm and beyond it, Ullswater

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